My story isn’t finished yet…

I remember my 40th birthday. I sat in my therapist’s office just staring at her. “I don’t know what to do now,” I kept saying. You see, I had struggled with what I referred to as “demons” for a long time. They only recently had been named – depression, general anxiety disorder, PTSD.

Zox bracelet "My Story isn't Finished Yet"

I never expected to live beyond 40. I had made no life plans. My physical health was as bad as, if not worse, than my mental. I figured if I hadn’t died from a heart attack, I would have killed myself. People still laugh like I am joking when I say this, yet it is true. I sat there completely lost. What was I supposed to do now? She told me to go, live. It was one of the most foreign concepts I had ever heard.

I am a year away from 50 now. I have no problem telling people my age. Every day since that session I have called a gift. I continue to share my story of that birthday because there is a tomorrow for everyone.

My therapist gave me one more gift (as I will always call it) before we came to the end of our time together a few years later. Following a PTSD relapse and a very obvious need to learn healthy and safe coping skills, she directed me toward a program in Fall of 2013 called Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT. Call it as cliche as you want, yet what I learned in that program saved my life.

This site contains a lot of those DBT skills that helped me “learn how to live” and still help me on a daily basis. I’m no professional, I’m just someone that fell in love with getting healthy and want you to know that there are ways to relax, find a moment of peace in the chaos, and remember that your story is not only “not over” yet it has so very much more to be written.

Be your author; Your story isn’t finished yet.