Cognitive Triad

Cognitive Triad. Negative View of Self, World, Future

Negative view of Self

I. me. my. Find out where your focus is – where does this negative view stem from? It may seem to come from many places yet as you keep looking it may whittle down to a few, maybe even one. Once you have identified what is the cause of this negative feeding monster, you will have the knowledge to start working on changing it.

Negative View of World

Why fight for my raise, I’m not good enough anyways. Everyone lies. People are selfish. What are your negative views of the world? How do they impact you? What views are holding you back. Assess where you are allowing and not allowing yourself to move forward in your life because of your views of the world you are living in.

Negative View of Future

Why change. Life will always be this hard. Things are never going to get any better. Sure, the view of the future might really suck (like, will the whole COVID thing ever end??) and we have the power to how we can face it. Are you going to fail yourself before you even start? Are you going to pass over what “wins” happened no matter what the outcome was? There are silver linings in all things, we just have to choose whether we are going to search them out or not.