Inner Mastery


Chaos is natural. If you look at the world, it’s everywhere, but to find your peace in the midst of chaos is something you have to deal with. Life is unpredictable and will bring about many different emotions and mind states that can be challenging and difficult, even unbearable at times. But beneath all the dramas, distractions and problems, there is a still and calm place you can rest in.

Remember that recovery is a journey and not a destination. It evolves, much becomes uncovered over time, and the recovered don’t conquer everything all at once. Embrace the newfound calm within this recovery process and practice patience as you strive to create your healthier new normal.

Mantras, positive statements, prayer, bible verses, quotes

“Everything always works out”

“Only what is best will happen”

“Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” – Joan Borysenko

“How we make ourselves is much more important than how we make a living. We can resist or embrace anything that happens to us. Our awareness of this choice, and our ability to exercise it, makes the difference.” – Susan Campbell

“To be the author of one’s own life, to write one’s own script, is the work of reclaiming the essential self. When you are connected to your essential self, you communicate a powerful sense of inner authority.” – Susan Campbell

  • What you can feel you can heal.
  • The key to learning is allowing yourself to feel insecure and “out of control.” When you include feeling uncomfortable within your definition of being in control, you greatly expand your ability to cope with change and crisis.
  • When you pay attention to and master the things in your life that you can control, your mind lets go of trying to control the uncontrollable.
  • You can frame, or reframe, anything that happens in a variety of ways. You can see the same situation as a comedy or a tragedy, a catastrophe or a learning experience.
  • You can resist or embrace anything that happens to you, such as other peoples’ frustrating behavior. Your awareness of that choice, and your ability to exercise, spells the difference between empowerment and powerlessness.
  • Learn to recognize the difference between your essential self and your conditioned self, and to stay connected to your essence. (the authentic self) (your personal truth)
  • Identify the essential values that support your essential self.
  • Discover ways to express your essence at work and other areas of your life. o Begin to visualize what you really want by creating a positive vision.

Let Go Of What You Cannot Change, Alter Or Avoid

Letting go means you are not trying to force, control or engage in trying to change others. Embrace the circumstances by taking a deep breath and accepting. When you do this you are able to let go and move on to another moment.

Taking charge of your own inner landscape, your moment to moment consciousness, brings forth an inner sense of well-being or happiness without controlling various parts of your external world.

Responding creatively and adapting to situations prevents anxiety and the need to control situations.

Create Quiet Time

Practice going within by finding a regular time to spend with yourself where you have no distractions. Find a technique that works for you, where you are able to be alone and undistracted for at least 10 minutes a day. Go into the stillness and just let yourself stay there as long as you can. This practice will help you establish that connection deep inside yourself and it will become more familiar.


Thoughts have power. Try to calm your mind down, and envision the outcome you would like to see happen. Without attachment to ideas; simply start imagining yourself happy, healthy, safe, and loved, and begin to visualize a friendlier situation and outcome.

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