STOP Skill


Freeze! Don’t move! Your emotions may be trying to hijack you at this very moment! Don’t….even….blink….(thank you Dr. Who). Keep in control of things.

(T)ake a Step Back

Take a deep breath. Take a moment. You might even physically need to move away from the situation for a moment. The key is not to act impulsively here. Count 5 things in the area around you. Say your name in your mind 10 times. Put your hands in your pockets (I learned to do this because I liked to punch things.) Find what works for you.


Observe yourself. Observe your surroundings. Keep grounded. What is the situation? What are your thoughts and feelings? What are others saying and doing? Are you in wise mind?

(P)roceed mindfully

Be aware. Find your place in wise mind. Think about your choices and the consequences. Which actions will make things better and/or worse? What are the short and long-term goals of your actions? Remember to keep breathing.

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